Turnkey Services

Our turnkey design services are for all of us out of country or state clients.

Our full turnkey services will give you the peace of mind that you have your home ready and prepared for your arrival.

Our service, will give you all the comfot of arriving to your home as you arrive to a luxury hotel penthouse. Our team will purchase and select all dinnerware, drink ware, kitchen accessories, silverware and serving elements, placemats, tablecloths, bedding, bathroom accessories, flowers, candles, and scents; organize your closets with your belongings (previouly sent to us) for your arrival, purchase groseries for the first week at yoour new home. This service is highly recommended for our relocating clients since it makes the transition stress free and enyojable. At dm interiors, we take our clients lifestyle custom and traditions seriously at the time of offering this service.

All purchases approved by the client.